Screen shots of The Hidden


Portal to the plateau


Carenzi Slayer

Town Clothes

The crater

On the way to the get the Ravenous Sword and Katar

Look at my fancy new sword

Look at my fancy new sword

Don't want to get to close.

Silver and purple oh my.

My New Fed-Ex Hauberk

hmm I seems to have taken two screen shots.

The big ball of ice is just spinning against me. I must be invincible.


That is the brightest suit of Celdon I have ever seen.

Wu Shu and Xiticix get Hamund's Katar. You would think Hamund would be pissed after we killed all the other Shadows in his home, but no he give people a nice smokin' weapon.

Look at my fancy new sword

Almost died fighting golems. To the left is my patron Ueshiba Kenshi.

Look at the pretty water falls

hmm forest.

The spire in Eastham