The Gruesome Twosome Rob Zombie and Alice Cooper

Storage Server

Fire alarm at Business Objects

New camera Nikon D70.

New car.

New Pictures of my bike.

105Dagger + Gunbarrel

New old Photos

Class trip
I think this is grade 7 or 8 when we went to Jasper.

Car Stereo
These are some picture of the stereo I had in my RX-7 the sub box I built myself to fit in the car.

Picture of the speakers I built for my home stereo I built these in 1997 or 98. They are still going strong

Too Much Snow
I think these are from 1999 a year where it seemed every night around Christmas it would snow another foot. In the end my car was completly covered you could only see a small strip of red where some snow had slipped off. I stopped taking picture after the third time we had to dig the car out.

Some pictures of Tigger (cat) and Rusty (dog).


Pictures from a walk around Yaletown.

MegaBlox Harley
1300 pieces, 6 hours of assembly.

Car & Bike
These are pictures of my car and motorcycle. A 1988 RX-7 and a 1998 Honda Shadow ACE 750.

New Place
These are pictures of my new apartment. Our current abode has been sold out from under us and now we must move.

Night out
These are pictures from when I went to see my friend Drew. He lives out in the middle of nowhere. Otherwise not really interesting.

This is my new motorbike. It is a 2000 FLHRI

Attack of the blue slime

Walk to 1095
It was a nice sunny day so I took a bunch of pictures when walking to the office at 1095.

Walk to Work
This is the original walk to work series.

Broken Car
Down one CD player and amp. Up one multidriver

Autoshow 2001

Vancouver AutoShow 2003
Pictures by Karla

© Darryl Braaten