Zombie and Slayer

David & Rachael's Wedding

Scott & Penelope's Wedding Set1 Set2

Kentucky 2007

Visiting Sixflags and Universal Studios

Kentucky Alleyne Provincial Park


Las Vegas 2004

Japan 2004
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Tokyo Bay Panorama Shot

I went over to Victoria to visit my friend Scott who is going to University there. The series is rather long. It starts off with a shot of my brother David, he was messing with my camera, after that there are shots of the ride to the ferry. Some on the ferry,. our hotel room, very nice. The city at night, the city in the day. Lots of shots taken at the wax museum. It finishes with shots of the city as we rode around on the Greyline tour bus.

With some commentary.

Japan Digital Roll1 Roll2
Raw camera dump.

Merrit 2001

Trip to Penticton for Pauls going away party. Also some pictures of the dog with a funny hair cut. :)

Christmas and New Years

Great Big Sea

Ottawa & Montreal Vacation 2002
Montreal Raw Digital BW Colour1 Colour2

Vegas 2003 Trip

Cancun 2003
Digital Roll1 Roll2

Paul & Sonomi's Wedding
Pentiction April 28 2003


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