First Battle

Dark Eldar vs.. Chaos Marines

Set up

The battlefield is readied.

Armies are placed. Dark Eldar at the bottom, Chaos at the top. The objective to have as many units as possible in the other armies deployment zone at the end of six turns.

End of Turn One

The Eldar faired poorly as they lost both the Ravager and the Raider carrying the leader with a squad of Incubi. The squad survived the crash but now they are in the open with no mobility. The Scourges have managed to knock out some of the Chaos Terminators. The rest of the Dark Eldar army is unable to shoot at anything.

End Turn Two

One squad of warriors have now engaged a squad of Khorne Berzerkers, they are holding their own for now. The Dark Eldar Lord and his retinue are slowly advancing. The Talos has been killed with out firing a single shot. The Scourges continue to whittle down the terminator squad.

End Turn Three

The Warriors are almost wiped out now. The Dark Eldar Lord continues to advance with minimal casualties. The Chaos sorcerer has finally scored a hit on the Reaver Jet bikes. It does not look like they will be able to get in range of anything in time.

End Turn Four

The Dark Eldar Lord finally reaches the Chaos Marines hiding on the hill wiping them out. The rest of the surviving troops continue to advance.

End Turn Five

Things are going really badly for the Dark Eldar now. The Dark Eldar Lord has been killed, a single warrior from his party is now retreating. His retreat does not go well as he runs into the battle between the other warrior squad, the Khorne Berzerkers and the sorcerer.

End Turn Six

The battle is finished not a single Dark Eldar is left standing.